I want to give the best possible experience to my guests; hence it is important to respect few essential rules.
I’m sure it is easy for everyone to respect them:
1. To agree in advance the check in time and to notify in advance if any change occurs
2. avoid noise during rest hours
3. maintain a respectful behaviour towards other guests
4. pets are welcome, but for logistic reasons we accept only small animals.
5. if you have booked but you cannot come, you will be totally refunded if you cancel your reservation at least 30 days before your expected arrival date. If your cancellation is within 30 days before the expected arrival date, we will be able to refund only 50% of the total cost.

To help us maintain a clean environment and a sustainable maintenance, we inform you about our cleaning rules.
• We change towels every 3 days.
• We change bed linen every 6 days.
• We clean the rooms every 2 days.

It is expected to pay the Tourist Tax of 2.00 euros per person per night